Light For Joy


Light For Joy Integrate the world's top design and manufacturing resources for 20 years to make the world bright with joy.
Over the past 20 years, our pursuit is not only to make iJoy famous as a successful outdoor lighting brand, but also to bring extraordinary "joyful experience" to every user by the world of light we create. In order to achieve this commitment, iJOY run the concept of "human-oriented lighting" through our global production line, and integrate the world's leading resources to shape our vision of the perfect "light" with the top design team winning international awards and the world's highest standards of manufacturing and service system. We are glad to see in every fine night, our products, with their light and shadow interlaced, make the world is so wonderful and joyful which people deserve to enjoy.


Joy Maker

Every team member has always been proud of the name of "joy". What we committed to for many years is the "light of joy" lit by our hands. The team has been working hard for this mission and committed to it, whether the top experts in lighting, the award-winning industrial designers, the experienced operators, or the service providers at the grassroots level in this huge system.

Designer: Burkhard Daemmer

Chief Designer, An European Master of Industrial Design, Winner of many Reddot and IF Awards


iJoy Whole Process Solution It’s iJoy's mission to bring you a joyful cooperation experience in the whole process of meeting with us from our products to service. Therefore, we bring you a fully customized service process, for a unique customized solution.

Lighting Design Consultation

Our experienced outdoor lighting professionals will establish direct project cooperation with you to propose and customize complete solutions.

Product Planning

Based on customized solutions, we will re-examine and plan product details to provide products that meet your needs better.


Flexible and customized production system will complete production and delivery according to your needs, and eventually deliver the products to the project site smoothly.

Installation and maintenance

After-sales service is another highlight of "joyful service" to offer your exclusive experience with considerate and perfect customized installation and maintenance.