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《All good designs are returning to their origins》an interview with Burkhard Daemmer in Spain



This article is an excerpt from an interview with the designer Burkhard Daemmer in Spain. In the interview, he introduced his experience and theory of design in the past 30 years, and embodied his design concept. From this passage, you will find his rich life experience and the reason why he can be famous all over the world.


 Burkhard Daemmer, born in Germany in 1965, studied industrial design at the University of FH Darmstadt Germany and the University of San Jose in California, and was involved in lighting, furniture, home and other design fields. For him, design means a way of finding good answers for new and old problems. As he said, “It is an ancient and modern ability.”It runs through the life cycle of a productfrom vision to production. He always finds ways for himself to meet various challenges. This is an attitude of striving for excellence, and also the source of all commercial artworks.

In his opinion, successful design should be used everyday. The purpose of design is to create products with both functionality and visuality through more scientific and artistic means, thus providing a better living environment for human beings. “In the design of different regions and countries, the main difference lies in the design process itself. At San Jose in California, they taught me how to extend a single design concept to a wide range of design, while at the University of FH Darmstadt Germany, I learned to apply more changes to design.” Burkhard Daemmer said, “Of course, there won't be much difference at all. Under the background of globalization, each product must serve many countries. Concerning to the people should be inherited all the time.”

Burkhard Daemmer's daily routine is to enter the office at 8:30 a.m., draw sketches according to different process stages, and complete prototyping in the basement workshop. “Nowadays, 3D printing, laser cutting and other technologies are more mature. Data can be directly used for rapid prototyping of products. Compared with technology, it is equally important to follow your heart and make the right decisions. ” Burkhard's simple and primitive way of working keeps him thinking and polishing deeply about design, which makes him a progressive and excellent designer.


"If I'm not a designer, I want to be a scientist." Burkhard Daemmer said.