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Four products of iJoy won the 2018 iF Product Design Award



Recently, iF Industry Forum Design(iF Industrie Forum Design)officially announced the award-winning products list of the 65th session (2018) in Munich, Germany. Four products of iJoy—“Tile”, “Shower”,“Pill”and“Leaf”—wasoutstanding among nearly 10,000 entries from all over the world, won the 2018 iF Product Design Award. These four products will be displayed at iF Design Exhibition in Hanover.

As an outdoor lighting brand with European and American ancestry, iJoy always sticks to the design concept of "Lighting is also outdoor landscape." and strives to create a product with" perfect landing of creativity" for domestic lighting designers today. All outdoor lighting equipment was designed by industrial designer who has won international awards repeatedly, and find "design inspiration" from common items in life. It is reported that the award-winning products are inspired by"Tile", "Shower", "Pill" and "Leaf", and use the characteristics of these four items in real life to create a unique design boutique.

As the most popular light in the whole series, "Tile" won the "design Plus" award. It can be combined for any design. Not only is it concise and elegant, but it can also provide designers with diverse creative needs."Leaf" is inspired by the leaves in the wind, innovatively adding the concept of "reflector", so that users can choose the direction freely."Shower" and "Pill" are the most popular designs welcomed by designers in recent years.


iF Product Design Award is known as the "Oscar Awards for Product Design Circle". Over the past 65 years, the iF Product Design Award has become the quality standard for outstanding design. iF is famous all over the world for its outstanding design service, therefore it has become the most important design award in the world. The winning of the iF awards is the highest recognition of iJoy’s professional design level in the global design community, and it also means that the design concept of iJoy is once again recognized by the whole world. In the future, iJoy will promote the era of "human-oriented lighting" in China with the concept of "light for joy".