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"Let design brighten life" iJoy attends Hong Kong International Lighting Fair



"Let design brighten life", this is the common goal of all designers, especially in the field of outdoor lighting. On October 27, the 19th Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, sponsored by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This industry is praised as the largest professional lighting fair in Asia, attracting more than 2600 lighting enterprises from different countries and regions.

As a world-class outdoor lighting brand, iJoy was invited to attend the fair. With its unique design style, we became the most concerned outdoor lighting brand in the fair and attracted a large number of visitors' interest. To the surprise of many lighting designers, the chief designer of iJoy and winner of the Red Dot Award and iF Product Design Award, Burkhard Daemmer, also came to the scene to explain the design concept.

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In this autumn lighting fair, we take the newly released three products series , "Leaf", "Clip" and "Tile" to participate. The unique design make the iJoy exhibition hall crowded. The exhibition stand continues to use the brand color orange as the main color. The design focusing on "design sense" and "understanding of light". This highly perceptual style of the exhibition stand conveys the attributes of "Joy" of the brand and stands out among a large number of participating brands.

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As a pioneer brand of "Human-oriented Lighting" in China, besides our accomplishments in industrial design, we always insist on making "lighting equipment" a part of outdoor landscape. Under the guidance of this concept, iJoy has become a global leader in outdoor lighting design industry and has been highly praised in the international market for many years.

In this autumn lighting fair, the appearance of Burkhard Daemmer, chief designer of iJoy, has gained a lot of popularity. As a top industrial designer in Europe and America, Burkhard Daemmer led the design of iJoy’s products. At this fair, he was pleased to see the development of industrial design in China and said that he would create more excellent works for iJoy in the future and bring more surprises to the outdoor lighting market in China.