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The first high-end customized product of iJoy is about to release



Over the years, the design of iJoy’s outdoor luminous equipment has been highly praised in overseas markets, and the new product concept of “Customization” can be said to be the first in the industry. Within 30 years, we hold the luminous concept of “human-oriented”, took the breakthrough in the creative concept about lighting nature ,and made innovations mapping to the equipment itself, so as to create a flourishing age in lighting product design circle.

In the field of outdoor lighting, iJoy always regards light as an element to please life. The same is true for equipment itself. It is a part of the land scape,a work of art of life, as well as a kind of “energy” embellishing life. Therefore, in the future regulation of products, we will launch a series of “customized” lighting equipment in commemorative days. It will be made by international high-end industrial designers and special designers of iJoy official alliance “JOY Alliance”. And it will be displayed and sold through official channels.

In March this year, we will hold first "BD&K-1 Custom-Made" Product Conference in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This product is designed by German top industrial design master Burkhard Daemmer who received the Red Dot Award and iF Product Design Award, and famous domestic artists Karry. The product whose design inspiration comes from “leaf” carries more thoughts and perceptions about life. The unconstrained light looks like stars in the night, freely building a relaxed and pleasant lighting environment. In the meanwhile, we take into account the "cost of product replacement" that needs to be concerned in scene construction. In  order to bring more convenience for implementing ideas, this product inherits the outfit replaceable service of iJoy’s series products, so that designers can have more creative space in specific festivals, anniversaries and activities.

Nowadays, more and more excellent designers join the “JOY Alliance”, participate in the design of high-end customized products. In the future, we hope to provide a platform for communication and creation of more lighting designers. Taking joy as light, the dream will come true.