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Burkhard Daemmer, chief designer of iJoy, holds a design salon in Shanghai



Modern people's demand for outdoor lighting is reflected in a leisurely and natural way of life. The harmonious outdoor lighting can return you to a natural and relaxed life, makinga perfect balance between comfort and pleasure. At the "JOY Together" lighting design salon held in Shanghai on January 6, we invited many top lighting designers at home and abroad to participate in the interaction, hoping to take this opportunity to share with more people about the design concept of "taking joy as light".

This is the first salon since the start of the “JOY Alliance” program. In the activity, Burkhard Daemmer, the chief designer of iJoy, who won the red dot award repeatedly, used interesting language to share his understanding of design for many years and the design concept of iJoy lighting equipment. As an extension, he explained in detail the relevant content of lighting equipment, how to satisfy the demand of functionality and aesthetics, and also showed a distinct design attitude and style.

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Burkhard Daemmer communicated well with the participants at the salon site. Designers presented their confusions on the design path to the designers. Burkhard Daemmer answered these questions one by one and proposed solutions for them based on his years of experience. In the following interactive session, the guests discussed the two topics about "the trend of the outdoor lighting market in 2018" and "how to realize the high degree of human-oriented lighting". Each airs his own views. It was generally believed that as people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, the outdoor lighting products in the future will tend to be more customized and life-oriented, so that the urban residents can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable life.